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Kieran Ledley is the world’s most expensive football player, he is also one half of glamour couple “Kier-rissa,” and his step-brother is about to be released from prison.

Freddie Abani is the MP for Woundham, who was touted as London’s potential first black mayor – until the summer riots.

Rupal Advani is a former policewoman and is now a marijuana addict.

Gemma and her struggling filmmaker husband Pete Newman, are trying to save their marriage.

Vivian Moses is a therapist, and they all have her in common.


“… Obiora attains a dramatic momentum early on in the novel and maintains it all the way to the end… Not only is this an ensemble piece, but the story unfolds with scenes from these lives at historically different stages, without confusing or losing the reader along the way. You come to care about the flawed personalities and you become at once disgusted and reassured by the displays of familiar, if damaged, human behaviour. Later, you are genuinely shocked as Obiora makes some brave consequential choices for some of them… it shows the author to have a remarkable empathy with the complex workings of the human psyche…”                                                                                                The British Black List   Full review


“… the author succeeds in bringing a gritty realism to the world of the therapist and of the intertwining of lives which have been irrevocably damaged by circumstances… there is a clear understanding of taking the reader on a journey… it’s dark and the diversity of the characters start to come together and this then gives the book its realistic edginess.”                                                                                             Jaffa Reads Too   Full review


“… the first thing that hits you is the cover, it is strikingly simple… it sets the tone for what lies ahead as you start the book… I must congratulate Michael Obiora on a story that is so well thought out as well as being brave tackling a difficult storyline.”                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Last Word   Full review


“Sheds a big blinding light on modern society… Vivian herself makes the reader realise one thing, and this is that even the therapist themselves can have worse life experiences than those that they hear on their couch.  Vivian adopts the ‘fifth wall’ ideology, meaning that her office has four walls, and what goes on outside them is just the ‘fifth wall… the story flows really well. I found myself flying through the pages, to find out that yet another character had appeared, with their fresh experiences and tales to tell. These characters’ paths do cross but not like you would ever imagine, or even guess before you get to that very page… This book deserves to be read by anyone and everyone that wants to read the early works of a talented young new author… By reading this book you really can just feel what a natural talent Michael has as a writer.”                                                                                                                                             New Signed Books  Full Review


“… What I really like about this is that it gets straight into the action, it doesn’t wait or hold back at all. We are immediately thrown in and have to quickly adjust to the pace of this well thought through story… By mixing the lives of both ordinary people and celebrities, it allows for an extensive look at how different choices – good and bad – lead to our current situations in life… each is well presented and thought through to make the interweaving stories as real as possible… The main reason I enjoyed this book so much is because although ultimately fiction, it really felt like each of the stories could be going on now.”

     My Little Book Blog  Full Review


“… I really enjoyed how nothing was romanticised… The change in POV’s is clear and obvious… I absolutely love the message that lies within this story, particularly in the ending… I really enjoyed how complex all the characters are… If you’re looking for something that handles dark topics really well, I definitely recommend checking this one out.” 

                        Novelista  Full Review



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