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Meet successful London property developer Daniel Martins. He has everything a man could want: his own booming business, the luxury pad, the expensive sports car… all at the tender age of twenty-five. But should he appreciate this more because he is black?

Daniel doesn’t think so, as far as he is concerned, his hard work warrants his position. Gone are the days where by default, black men are seen as gun toting, drug selling, urban music making individuals. Times have changed; the colour of ones’ skin is trivial. It’s the twenty-first century; racism is a thing of the past… isn’t it? It’s only policemen and shop assistants who constantly remind Daniel of the stereotypes assigned to his race. Surely this shouldn’t be enough to send him on a mission to prove everybody wrong? After all, it could cost him his relationship with his best friend who happens to be white. It could cost him his career and make him become the very stereotype that he longs to refute. Despite all this, Daniel is hell-bent on challenging every prejudice, he is also desperate for his late fathers’ approval. But how dangerous does his obsession with all this become?

In the meantime Safra, Daniel’s beautiful long-term girlfriend wants more commitment but an obstacle in the form of another woman – who also happens to be white – may lie in the way. His brother thinks he should convert to Islam and, Daniel hopes his therapist can save him from the haunting wizard who breathes smoke through his nostrils.

Through explorations of love, friendships, paranoia and ignorance, BLACK SHOES, is about a professional mans’ quest to find his way through the maze of negative stereotypes, and his own personal battle with his identity.

Daniels’ life is far from a nightmare but he has a dream… he also needs to face up to the reality.

Audio excerpt spoken by Michael himself
BLACK SHOES offers a welcome relief from the “ghetto lit” being rung through cash registers across the UK… Ghetto lit will do well to take a leaf out of that book and walk a step or two in Obiora’s Black Shoes.

The Guardian (Full review)

…it’s surprising that Black Shoes is Obiora’s first novel as he probes and wrestles with Daniel’s character like someone who has been writing for years… reveals a complicated, layered and three dimensional character in Daniel. A morality tale, with more than a ring of truth to it for modern Britain – this is a great start for the actor/author.

Lime Magazine

Obiora is a promising writer. This is more than entertainment, what transpires is a thought-provoking debut in the so called “post racial”, post-Obama election era.

The New Black Magazine (Full review)

The narrative of Black Shoes powers along in short, rapid shifts that build up to a powerful climax

Property Week (Full review)

Michael talks to The Voice about his new book!
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