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Michael’s second novel Vivian’s Couch out now!

The long-awaited prequel to Michael’s 2009 debut novel  Black Shoes is now available.

Michael tell’s us a little bit about why he wrote it:

“As an actor I’m very interested in human behaviour and the motivation for ones’ actions. I find it fascinating how we can all seem so different on the surface, but I’m even more fascinated by how similar we can be when we dig a little deeper.

I wanted to find a way to incorporate these themes into a hopefully insightful story and show how people from every walk of life can experience chaos, identity issues, betrayal, depression, and insecurities.

I also wanted wanted to write another book that reflects the diversity of my home city – London. This diversity is something I really appreciate, especially since I have spent time in other cities in the UK, where I have experienced very little diversity. And that’s not a criticism,  just an observation, and something I guess I was surprised by.”


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